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Our approach to academic achievement is based on Classical/Charlotte Mason Educational Methods. We focus on three levels of instruction: knowledge, ideas, and skills. The early years are the grammar period during which students acquire specific information. These concrete facts become concepts and questions for students to investigate. Lastly, students learn to apply and defend their ideas intelligently through conversation.

Colorful Book Spines


History cycles: Ancient, The Middle Ages, Early Modern Times, Modern Age

Science cycles: Biology, Earth Science and Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics


Course List 2024-2025

  • Ancient History

  • Geography and Timeline Events

  • Grammar

  • Intro to Science

  • Nature Study

  • Music 

  • Art 

Middle School

Course List 2024-2025

  • World's Story I

  • Geography and Timeline Events

  • Literature

  • Composition

  • Grammar 

  • General Science with Lab 

  • Art History

High School

Course List 2024-2025

Please contact director for available seats

  • Government

  • Economics  

  • Geography 

  • American Literature and Composition 

  • British Literature and Composition

  • Christian Study

  • Chemistry

  • Psychology

  • Personal Finance

  • Archaeology 

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