Our approach to academic excellence is delivered through Classical Educational Methods. We focus on three stages of instruction: Knowledge, Ideas, and Skills. The early years are the grammar stage, which students learn concrete facts. These concrete facts turn into ideas and questions for the students to explore. Finally, they learn to apply and defend their ideas thoughtfully through dialogue.

Colorful Book Spines


History cycles: Ancient, The Middle Ages, Early Modern Times, Modern Age

Science cycles: Biology, Earth Science and Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics


Elementary 2021-2022

  • History:  The Middle Ages with Geography and Timeline Events

  • Science K5-2: Intro to Science, More Mudpies to Magnets

  • Science 3-4: Biology for the Grammar Stage, DK Encyclopedia of Animals, DK First Human Body Encyclopedia, Usborne Science Encyclopedia 

  • Science 5-6: Biology for the Logic Stage, The Usborne Science Encyclopedia, The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia (all grades)

  • Grammar: First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind Levels 1-3

  • Writing: Writing with Ease (3-4) Level 3

  • Writing with Skill (5-6) Level 1

  • IEW: Medieval History-Based Writing Lessons

  • Classical literature 

Middle School 2021-2022

  • Medieval History

  • Early American and World History

  • Ancient Literature

  • American Literature

  • Science in the Atomic Age with Student Workbook​

  • Master Books Physical Science with Student Workbook

  • Writing with Skill Level 2

  • Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind Red and Purple Book

  • IEW 

High School

  • Ancient History

  • Ancient Literature and Composition

  • World History

  • British Literature and Composition

  • U.S. History to 1877

  • U.S. History 1877 to Present

  • American Government and Economics

  • Biology

  • Chemistry